​​*Special breathing Principle (Avoid the exhausted air go through the glass area.)

*Unique 3 Floating Balls design

​​*Dry top Function

For an enjoyable underwater view at The Barrier Reef but you don't know how to bite the traditional snorkel tube or if you cannot do “air-change” when you snorkel, Fonda 'Free Breathing' Masks are the best choice that will solve all your problems.

Fonda "Free Breathing" Mask can help you breathe underwater without any special skills required. With the optical safety-glass that offer 180 degrees "fog-free" vision. Fonda Masks glass always keep clear because the exhausted air don't pass through the glass area.

*Good Vision

Fonda Free Breathing Mask

Dry Top System: one-way-air in and two-ways-air out design will make a good circulation. And the unique 3 floating balls design to prevent the water into the mask when you are underwater.

No Fog: The exhausted CO2 never flow into the glasses area so your eye-view is clear and without fog.

Airflow Valve: The design of two airflow valves makes a modesty ventilation. To breathe air in, the valve is closed. To breathe air out, the valve is opened. 

Drain Valve: one-way valve design is in the bottom of mask. If you found the water inside the mask, please rise your head up above the water level, the water will automatical ly leaking out. you don't need to take off the mask when snorkeling.