Drowning problems must be given enough attention because it is completely avoidable.

Fonda Airbag Watches' design is for the drowning of the self-help and found someone drowning emergency rescue purposes; at the same time to solve people's conventional life-saving equipment exclusive psychology, to achieve the favorite level of application experience.

Because it is life self-help and rescue equipment, so it is durable products through the International EN-13138-2 safety test, the machine has a 5-year shelf life (in a certain storage mode), 100% through the full inspections are necessary ; To achieve the level of application experience, product elements, portable comfort, convenient, lightweight, sports fashion, in line with the public's avant-garde aesthetic and so on are also necessary. (Life-saving equipment if the hypertrophy, inconvenient to carry, winding, the activities caused by such a shackles and so on, and the activities of the waters when the temperature, people's movement and the pursuit of the spirit of fashion in the pursuit of rejection, it will encourage people fluke mind.)

What is the primary or primary contribution of Fonda Airbag Watches?  In order to help people overcome Fluke mind, the only 1 minute moment to save lives. Imaginatively in outdoor activities, when you take pictures or self-timer, do you like to wear life jackets? Or can you persuade your child to wear a lifejacket? The answer is obviously no. When most people will breed luck and it prevailed. To know that too much drowning life accident, is brought by the luck, especially sad! Let you and your loved ones overcome the chances, so safe and secure, Fonda Airbag watches will make a contribution.  Please see the following products video.

​​​Fonda Airbag Watches

Do the user has age and weight restrictions? Fonda Airbag Watches are worn on the wrist comfort and not abrupt and suitable for people over 6~7 years of age to use. The kids need to wear watches under safety activation before use. The following are the same as the " 100 kg of body weight under the water are possessed by only 4.6 kg of buoyancy, and Fonda Airbag watches can produce 9.8-11.5 kg of buoyancy, you can put 120 kilograms of body weight in a few seconds to help float to the surface.

Fonda Airbag watch is the world's first watch-style waters self-help and rescue device.Our factory got technology applications and access to Germany, the United States, Australia (Australian Patent no: 2005202690) , Japan, China and Taiwan and other countries and regions of the original invention patents and intellectual property protection. Of course the first thing is for Caring your own safety.