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Explanation: Snorkelling & Diving ( Equalizing)
Snorkelling and Diving should be different.
"Diving" is activated underwater around 3 ~15 meters. The water pressure is absolutely heavy and you need to train and considerate the "equalizing".
"Snorkelling" normally means that  swimming underwater above 3 meters. The surface of full-face masks are bigger than diving masks, therefore full-face masks certainly endure more water pressure.
 We kindly suggest that Fonda snorkel masks are only snorkelling underwater above 2 meters. The "equalizing" are easily overcome.
For Example :Gopro 4 Camera sonly can be used underwater above 3 meters. Gopro 5 Cameras can be used underwater 10 meter. Different designed equipments are different functions.
We sell our Free breathing masks in many countries, so far no problems at all.

​About more Equalizing information, you can go to web page "wearing Instruction"

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​​​​​​​Fonda ‘Free Breathing’ Masks are innovative snorkel masks that give you memorable snorkel experiences. The masks are designed by the famous Italian Industrial Design Company and intertwines innovation, and ergonomic design. As we are a pioneer in research on this free breathing mask, we have advanced and received the China , USA and Euro patents. We insist to use the modest materials in manufacturing this masks. Our special flexible silicon design of masks fits most people of over 13 years of age, therefore our one size mask can be shared with friends and family members.
Fonda Free Breathing Mask Company is a Australian local supplier in Sydney and offer your best service.

CompareDifferences compare with the other brands

1. Our Fonda Free Breathing Masks  are designed by famous Italian Industrial Design Company. Absolutely 100% Ergonomic Design and Innovation of the snorkel mask.

2. Fonda Free Breathing Mask has 3 unique floated balls in the dry top system.The other brand has only one ball.

3. Our straps are good and has an adjustable silicon belt.The other brand has only elastic cord belt and it is easy to lose elasticity.

4. Our dry top is a curve design which reduce water resistance. The other brand has a straight dry top.
5. We are a pioneer to research this innovative mask, as such we have advanced other brands and received the China , USA, Euro patent, The other brands just plagiarized and copied our design. Please respect the creation.

*Chinese Patent number: #CN205872407U  approved
*USA Patent number: May, 2017 approved
*Euro Patent number: coming soon

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1)  180 degrees field vision
2)  Good ventilation & comfortable
3)  Free with clear visibility
4)  Keep your face warm & dry underwater
5)  No swallowing or choking on salt water
6)  No need to bite anything in your mouth
7)  The strong straps hold the mask firm and comfortable to your face
8)  No dry throat
9)  Breathing naturally in and out underwater
10) Flexible silicone design is suitable for most 13 years or over.